Welcome to Eckhardts Floral Design brand new website! I am so excited to finally share this project.

My Name is Breanna Graham, I am 23 years old and pruchased Eckhardts Floral Treasures, in Januray of 2022. I was a dental Assiatant for 3 years right out of college and when the pandemic hit i knew the dental industry wasn't for me anymore. I found passion for flowers in a little part time job and 9 months later I purchased the shop. ( impulsivness is my best atribute)

after 35 years in buisness, Dave and Darlene decied it was time to sell the shop and enjoy time with their 5 Grand boys! Dave is still hanging around the store a little longer, to help mentor me.

I have one other emplyoee at the moment, Maddy. She is bright and passionate. I hope youll be by to see her smiling face.

Along with Flowers and plants, I love giftware & Home decor.

I have always found joy in buying gifts for my loved ones and im happy to hopfully help you find the perfect gifts for your family and friends and the perfect peice for your homes.

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