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Vintage Love Coupons Card

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Our unique love coupon card includes a beautiful and modern greeting card with 12 blank vintage tickets attached. Write your unique messages in each of the 12 tickets, customize your card with the perfect note for the occasion and create lasting memories with that special someone. 

About the Coupons:

Size: 6x3cm - raffle ticket size
Strip of 12 blank tickets
Printed on high quality matte paper  

Some ideas on how to fill them:

 - For Valentine's Day & Anniversaries - fill these coupons with activities and romantic dates for you and your loved one!

- As an activity for the kids - Let them redeem the coupons for an extra bedtime story, an ice cream, or maybe for a family play day! 

- In the classroom - perfect as rewards coupons. 

The possibilities are endless!